Eshin Jolly
In addition to my academic career I often do design, research, and engineering with startups and non-profits. Here's a list of some of the projects I've had the pleasure of leading and consulting on and some of the different roles I've played:

2023 -

Senior UX/UI Engineer; Designer

A film and media arts startup. We're building a better recommendation engine to help folks find what they're looking for and understand why they might enjoy it.

2020 - 2023

Co-founder & CTO

Parsnip is an ed-tech startup I co-founded with Andrew Mao and Edward Huang that teaches you how to cook at home in the gamified style of Duolingo. Early on I built out the mobile app and backend infrastructure for our MVP which you can checkout here. Later, I stepped back to play more of an advisory role. Our iOS app was very well received getting 4.9 stars in the App Store. Try it out today!


The Sukhi Project


Scientific Advisor

For a brief time during the COVID-19 pandemic I consulted for Sukhi, an employee well-being startup focused on providing services for stress management and mental health in the workplace. I provided guidance on some initial survey designs and data analysis pipelines.


Code for America

2019 - 2023

Project Manager; Technical Lead

For a few years I've volunteered as a project manager and technical lead on The Ruralnet Project in a local brigade originally part of the larger non-profit Code for America. I built out an internet speed-testing & geo-mapping web-app to aid local municipalities with holding ISPs accountable for misadvertised internet speeds in rural communities.


The Line@ Project

2018 - 2020

Co-Lead; Developer

During graduate school, my fellow labmate Jin Hyun Cheong and I built a bespoke computer-vision system for automatically tracking queued customers and updating customer wait-times for several restaurants in the Hanover, NH area. For a period of time, our system was integrated at Dartmouth College's King Arthur Flour Cafe, Boloco, and Main Street Kitchens.