Eshin Jolly

In my little spare time I love writing and playing music. I grew up playing several different instruments and studied drumset jazz performance as an undergrad for a few years. I’ve played as a drummer in several different bands, spanning genres from funk, jazz and hip-hop, to electronica, metal and rock. Most recently I recorded an early effort album with Davis, based out of Boston, MA. I also write music with my sister and if we get around to finishing something it’ll often get thrown up on our Soundcloud. Enjoy!


Davis started as a duo with a close friend from Somerville, MA around the time I was a lab manager. Along with my friend's brother on bass, we recorded and released our first original album in 2016. Several of these songs were born out of improvisational sessions spanning several years, and some just came together from scratch over a single weekend. Easy listening rock and funk.

Those Siblings

I often fool around with software tools like Logic and Garageband, interfaced with a simple midi controller. Using this setup I'll compose for several different instruments and as a result I have a growing collection of musical tidbits and starter songs. Several of these have turned into collaborations with my sister who provides all the awesome lyrics and vocals. Thanks to the Internet we can pull this off despite living hundreds of miles apart.

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