Eshin Jolly


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    *Equal contribution

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    *Equal contribution

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Under review/revision

  1. Jolly, E., Chang, L.J. (under review). Gossip drives vicarious learning and facilitates robust social connections. psyArXiv

  2. Chang, L.J., Jolly, E., Cheong, J.H., Rapuano, K., Greenstein, N., Chen, P.A., Manning, J.R. (under review). Endogenous variation in ventromedial prefrontal cortex state dynamic during naturalistic viewing reflects affective experience. bioRxiv

  3. Chen, P.A., Cheong, J.H., Jolly, E., Elhence, H., Wager, T.D., Chang, L.J. (under revision). Socially transmitted placebo effects. Nature Human Behavior.

In Preparation

  1. Jolly, E., Cheong, J.C. & Chang, L.J. (in prep). Neural models reflect spontaneous impression formation about parasocial relationships.

  2. Jolly, E., Sadhukha, S., Cheong, J.C., Chang, L.J. (in prep). Measuring the efficacy and cost-benefit ratio of custom-molded head cases for use in MRI.

  3. Cheong, J.C., Jolly, E. & Chang, L.J. (in prep). Endogenous variation in affective experiences.

  4. Jolly, E., Smith A., Gangadharan, A.A., Hoidal, A.S. & Chang, L.J. (in prep). Guilt-aversion motivates harm-minimization in surrogate decision-making.

  5. Jolly, E., Gangadharan, A.A. & Chang, L.J. (in prep). Interpersonal decision-making during end-of-life care: A comprehensive review

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