Eshin Jolly

  1. Jolly, E., Chang, L.J. (under review). Gossip drives vicarious learning and facilitates robust social connections.

  2. Rane, S.*, Jolly, E.*, Park, A.*, Jang, H*. & Craddock, R.C. (under review). Developing predictive biomarkers using whole-brain classifiers: Application to the ABIDE I dataset. Research Ideas and Outcomes, 3:e12733
    *Equal contribution

  3. Cheong, J.C., Jolly, E., Sul, S. & Chang, L.J. (in press). Computational Models in Social and Affective Neuroscience. To appear in Moustafa, A. (Eds). Computational Models of Brain and Behavior.

  4. Chang, L. J. & Jolly E. (in press). Emotions as computational signals of goal error. To appear in A. Fox, R. Lapate, A. Shackman & R. Davidson (Eds), The nature of emotions.

  5. Moran, J.M., Jolly, E., & Mitchell, J.P. (2014). Spontaneous mentalizing predicts the fundamental attribution error. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 26(3), 569-576.

  6. Moran, J.M., Jolly, E., & Mitchell, J.P. (2012). Social-cognitive deficits in normal aging. Journal of Neuroscience, 32(16), 5553-5561.

  7. Jolly, E. (2011). Testing domain specificity: Conceptual knowledge of living and non-living things. The Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology, 2, 94-118.

In Preparation

  1. Jolly, E., & Chang, L.J. (in prep). Overcoming the Flatland Fallacy: The importance of computational models.

  2. Jolly, E., Suri, S. & Watts, D.J. (in prep). Motivating prosocial behavior in the field.

  3. Jolly, E., Gangadharan, A.A. & Chang, L.J. (in prep). Interpersonal decision-making during end-of-life care: A comprehensive review

  4. Jolly, E.*, Tamir, D.I.*, Burum, B.A., Gilbert, D.T., & Mitchell, J.P. (in prep). Wanting Without Enjoying: The Social Value of Sharing Experiences.
    *Equal contribution

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